Ten Unusual Yet Amazing Tourist Attractions In North Dakota

The state of North Dakota has always been on the list of the countrys worst places to visit for a vacation. Most people think of the state as nothing more than a backyard of the nation that is often neglected and no one would want to visit. The thing is that there are also plenty of attractions in North Dakota, although weird, that still deserve attention. Here are 10 of them.

The Pyramid

It may not be as famous as the pyramids of Giza but these structures in Nekoma, North Dakota were not actually built as tombs for the royalty. Instead, these are the remnants of the countrys first attempts to build a formidable missile defense.

Enchanted Sculptures on the Highway

Youll never be bored driving through the miles upon miles of open highways in North Dakota since youll be treated to a showcase of fascinating, albeit odd-looking sculptures along the highway in Regent.

The Albino Buffalo

In Jamestown, there are actually three living albino buffaloes that are still roaming the wide expanse of greenery, amazing visitors and locals alike that these three buffaloes have already reached legendary status.

North Americas Geographical Center

Do you know where the geographic center of the North American continent is? Were talking about that part of the globe spanning from Panama to Canada. Theres actually a monument in Rugby that marks the center of the continent, albeit a bit off by a couple of miles.

Tent Pole Monument

This monument in Wahpeton was erected in deference to the circus workers from Ringling Brothers Circus who were struck by lightning in 1897. The lightning struck the main tent pole of the circus. Many are not familiar of the compelling monument. But for those in the circus industry, its common to pay homage to their fallen comrades every time a circus is in town.

Fargo Wood Chipper

Movie fans will love visiting the Eager Beaver wood chipper that tore Steve Buscemis body in the film, leaving only a bloody gym sock on his right foot. You can still see the prop to this very day.

Pyrotechnics Guild International Convention

Masters of fireworks meet in West Fargo every year to partake in the largest convention gathering of the worlds largest community of pyrotechnicians.

Minuteman Missile Site

Would you like to know how it feels like to live in the Cold War era where a single push of a button can signal the start of nuclear Armageddon? Well, try visiting the Ronald Reagan Minuteman Missile Site in Cooperstown and youll definitely get a feel of history.

Salem Sue

Standing 38 feet tall, Salem Sue is one of the largest Holstein cow sculpture youll ever encounter in your life located in New Salem.

Oldest Mosque in the US

This 364-square foot structure remains the countrys first mosque that is still standing. It was built in 1929 in Stanley.

These attractions may pale in comparison to more popular destinations in the USA. But they do provide some unique identity to the state of North Dakota and are well worth a visit on your next trip.