6 Tips for Raising Outdoors-Loving Kids

Outdoors Kids

Getting your kids to love the outdoors is one of the best things you can instill in them. Although most kids would love to be in front of the TV or their iPads nowadays, you can still introduce the great outdoors and raise kids who still prefer to experience the real world. Here are some tips to make this happen.

  1. Start Young

Take your baby out on the stroller as early as you can, and go to the park. Let him feel the grass and play in the dirt. At this early time, let him develop his love for the outdoors so that he will always prefer it to being indoors. He will also start being comfortable being in the outside world even at this young age.

  1. Give Away The Baby Stroller As Soon As Possible

Having to carry your kid around while walking in the woods is no fun, so encourage your kid to walk independently as soon as possible. The only way to do this is to get rid of the baby stroller. It will slow you down but it will be much more fun when your toddler can experience more of the world. He will also learn to love being more adventurous compared to sitting in a stroller all the time.

  1. Do It Regularly

Enjoying the outdoors does not only happen during long trips to the forest or the mountains. You can incorporate regular activities that encourage your child to be outside as often as possible. If you have a garden, let him play around there as often as possible. He will also get to enjoy all the cool things to see, from plants to insects and even dirt! Moreover, it will teach him that the outdoors is a regular part of his life, rather than just something special.

  1. Take Small Steps

If you started a bit late in introducing the outdoors, do not worry. You can still take baby steps to nudge your kid in the right direction. Loving the outdoors will not happen after one trip, so take it slowly. If you force or make the experience anything but fun, it will not instill that love in him. Remember, he might still be scared of the big world out there, so give him a break.

  1. Do Bribe Them A Little

Help him build positive associations with the great outdoors by packing his favorite toys or giving him his favorite foods during trips outside. You can also buy small tools for the adventure, like a flashlight.

  1. Enroll In Outdoor Classes

Even if you do not have the time to devote to introduce him to the outdoors, you can enroll him in classes that are done outside. Go to the zoo or other nature centers where he can play with other kids and learn something about nature.

While your kid does not need to be a future mountain climber, it does not mean it will not be a good thing for him to love the great outdoors. Besides the fact that spending more time active outside the house is healthier, he will learn to love the natural world around him more.